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Organizations struggle to sift through huge data sets and reports about their audience, attaching themselves to personas that are often incorrect or miss the point.

Pulse is able to use aggregate data to give statistically powerful results and analysis to your marketers to help power personalization, customization and eventually deliver the right content to the right user at the right time. - Jeff Cheal, Sr. Director, Customer Strategy, Optimizely
Pulse Hot Spots
Pulse Top Segment Map

View Hot Spots on the Map Where You Get the Most Traffic

Pick a time period on the map and see how your top segments change over time.
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View Deep Insights on Your Top Segments 

Dive into correlations with education, political leanings, hashtags, and even favorite emojis for each of your top segments. Explore the map to find out where they tend to hang out.
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Similar Locations

Identify Look-Alike Locations to Find Similar Neighborhoods

Pick a location where you're doing well and download details for other locations that are similar.

Download the top segments for all your web traffic directly to Excel or Google Drive

Stop guessing who your top market segments are and download them straight to Excel.
Pulse Top Segment Map

Personalize Your Message on Sitecore or Episerver

Tailor the content that displays for each visitor in real-time based on the characteristics of the neighborhood they are coming from. Personalize to anonymous audiences — even from their very first visit.

Get Started with Pulse in 5 Minutes or Less

Connect Tap into your historic traffic from Google Analytics 
Analyze NeighborhoodsAnalyze the characteristics of every neighborhood
Recognize VisitorsRecognize visitors from matching market segments
Similar InterestsFind prospective customers with similar lifestyles and interests
Find Locations with Similar InterestsFind untapped neighborhoods that are similar to your geographic hot spots
ProfileUse ethical techniques that respect the privacy of your audience
Anomaly DetectionDetect anomalies in your traffic and quantify the difference from your baseline
Content that ResonatesLearn to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates
Get alerts for pulses in trafficGet alerts for meaningful pulses in traffic to monitor real-time engagement
Uncover Hidden PatternsUncover patterns in your data that are invisible to the naked eye
Multivariate TestsUse your knowledge to experiment with low-risk personalizations
Measure UpliftMeasure uplift by personalizing natively in Episerver or Sitecore 
Pulse Top Segment Map

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