At Coria, we have a distributed team and use Join.Me for all of our web and video conference calls.

To save time, we include a link to clickable conference call lines in each meeting invite so it's always at our fingertips.

Here's the format to use for creating clickable links that work from both iPhone and Android:

<a href="tel:+1-860-970-0010,,555,555,1212,###"">US: 1-860-970-0010 (555-555-1212#)<a>


This code will render a link that looks like this: US: 1-860-970-0010 (555-555-1212#)

When clicked from a mobile device, the entire number (including the access code and the pound sign) will be sent to the keypad. Commas insert 2-second pauses before the next digits are dialed automatically.


Then, we include the link to the landing page with the clickable number in the Location field of the meeting invite, along with the full dial-in details in the body for those joining from a landline.