Web forms for marketers (WFFM) allows you to easily install forms without the help of a developer. You can add in new landing pages and have all contacts that download a form be assigned to specific lists and enrolled in an engagement plan. Once WFFM is set up for your site, you can dive in by inserting a form to a page.

Just right click on the data sources for the page and click insert from template.


Find WFFM in the content tree and click Form. Name your Form and click insert. Once your form is inserted you can use Form Designer to build out the form and add different fields and save actions.


In Form Designer you can keep adding sections, specifying what they will be and checking if they will be required when filling out the form. When you have all the sections you want and you have given your form a title, click the button at the bottom of the form.


Here you change the text of the button and also start adding save actions for what will happen when someone completes the form. If you want to add the contact to a specific list you have created, continue with the following steps.


Click Edit next to Save Actions.

** From the save actions list there are a few things you need to add to be able to add a contact to a list, campaign, etc. Sitecore needs to be able to register a site visitor as a user and verify if they have been added as a contact before initiating other save actions, so you will need to create the user, log them in, and update their contact details before you can add them to a list.**

From the list select Create User and click Add.


After adding the Create User save action, click the Edit button. In the form select Email address, or another unique User Name from the fields a contact entered in the form. The next two boxes you can leave the same as “Random Password” and “extranet.” Click OKwhen you are done.


From the Save Actions list select User Login and click Add. Once you have added User Login click the Edit button.


Verify the username is set to “Business Email” or matches whatever you used for User Name field when creating a user. Click the OK button when you are done. Next you need to update contact details so you don’t get multiple profiles for people who are filling out different forms. Select Update Contact Details from the save action list and click Add.


Click Edit. Update the contact details to include facets that match the form fields. Click OK. After the User is logged in and the contact details are updated you have a few different options depending on what you are trying to accomplish. As you can see from the Save Action list there are a bunch of different things to choose from.

For this demonstration we are going to add a contact to a contact list, so that every time a new user fills out this form they will be included in the “Subscribed to Blog” list. This can then be used later to send future emails and updates.

**You can also enroll them in an engagement plan, send an email, register a campaign, register a conversion, etc. at this stage in the save actions.**


Find Add Contact to Contact List from the Save Actions list and click the Add button. Then click Edit.


Select the appropriate list from the Contact Lists you have created and click OK.

**You can add more Contact Lists in List Manager if you don’t already have the correct lists set up.**

Your contacts will now be added to the “Subscribe to Blog” list each time a new person fills out the form. You can add an additional step to send a confirmation email if you choose.

We hope this post helps you set up your WFFM easily! Feel free to reach out with any questions and check out our other posts about taxonomies in Sitecore and setting up goals and events in our Sitecore for Marketers series.